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Director's Message
  From the Desk of Director AIM and DGT

Training and Development are two important components in human resource development. The term ‘Personnel Management’ is outdated and it treats employees as liabilities. Human Resource Management is the current term and it implies the importance of employees by viewing them as assets. Human Resource Accounting is a regular exercise done in big establishments. Training is important when a person is inducted to a job and is generally done immediately after recruitment. Development programmes update the employees on various aspects of their functioning and are need based. Executives require constant refurbishing of their knowledge to make them highly competent in dealing with various issues that creep in unexpectedly. It is also essential to make them exposed to experts from external arena so that they can become innovative in their discharge of duties.

Anna Institute of Management discharges both the training and development functions deftly to cater to the needs of Government of Tamil Nadu. It has a flexible system of accommodating all types of training and development programmes according to the requirements of the departments concerned. Orientation training and induction training are given to the higher echelons of civil services and even the All India Service officers are periodically trained here. The objective of this institute is to make the government employees more responsible and effective in redressing the problems of the public within a short span of time apart from reinforcing the administrative values required for an honest employee in the system.

The annual calendar has been prepared with lot of deliberations and contemplations and the topics have been chosen meticulously after several brain storming sessions. Nothing could be perfect in any system. Existence evolves continuously and as a result we experience climate change and natural aberrations. Only a dead thing could be perfect. Perfection should always be an objective for the future and the moment one achieves he would feel terribly enervated. Therefore, the programmes included and the contents outlined are always subjected to improvement and we are ready to embrace any constructive idea from any corner of the administrative set up.

I am sure that your active involvement will help us in deriving job satisfaction and make the State much more beautiful than what it is.


Additional Chief Secretary/Director,
Anna Institute of Management and
Director General of Training